Mark Robertson
Director, Lupton Wines

After 15 years working for Justerini & Brooks (Diageo), Emirates Airlines and Goedhuis & Co. I hope the experience I have acquired will make Lupton Wines Ltd a world class merchant. I have a huge respect and understanding of the amount of hard work that goes into creating the bottles we drink. I hope that my knowledge enables me to deliver the best wine at an affordable price to you.

The customer will be at the heart of everything we do and our mission is to provide an enjoyable wine buying experience. This is what I am passionate about. Wine is one of life’s pleasures and your merchant should enhance and enable that experience. That is our ultimate ambition - for you to proudly call Lupton Wines.

"My Wine Merchant".


There used to be something very solid about Bradford and it sprang from the very many businesses whose staff were a family who dealt in the best at a fair price. One by one they are disappearing and so is some of the stability of life.

- John Lupton & Sons 1967

This was the final paragraph in a letter written announcing the closure of John Lupton & Sons. One of the most established, eminent and important wine merchants in the UK. Founded in Yorkshire in 1831, John Lupton & Son was the Wine Merchant to the Royal family for over 120 years and a household name. Sadly due to the rise of Supermarkets and change in lifestyles, the traditional wine merchant was not able to compete and it took many years for Independants to rise again.

Now wine is part of our everyday life and the need for quality and service is greater than ever, my ambition is to re-establish this once great name into a modern forward thinking firm dealing in the best at a fair price. I hope you can join me in this journey.