Lupton Wines and Pol Roger

It is often said that you can judge a man by the company he keeps. With that belief Lupton Wines is proud to take the unique step and has chosen to represent only one Grand Marque House. A House that we believe not only makes the finest wine in champagne but also reflects similar values and standards of Lupton Wines.

Regarded as the wine lover’s Champagne, Pol Roger was founded 160 years ago at a similar time to the original John Lupton and Sons. Like 21st century Luptons it remains small, family-owned, fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality and service to its clients.

Generous, with lively aromas of citrus fruits and
the house's trademark biscuit, yeasty style.

Quoting from the personal introduction for the
Luptons 1956 list by Comte Bertrand de Vogue

“Although the ways of serving and drinking Champagne may have changed, it still is and always will be the normal and best way of bearing a hearty toast to your friends”